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Here are the most important questions you should ask all listing agents you are considering to be the broker in the sale of your home.

I went ahead and answered these question for you so you know where I stand on them.

Question #1: Are they just a mere agent that works for a broker, or are they the broker for the company?

Shan Roberts Answer:

  • Not only am I a listing agent, but am the broker/owner for the company

  • When you work with me, your working directly with the decision maker

  • I am also a fully licensed NMLS mortgage officers. (rare to find agents with both licenses)

  • Because you are working directly with the broker, I can save you thousands in real estate commissions

Question #2: How many years have they been in the business

Shan Roberts Answer:

  • I myself have been in the business for over 20 years.

  • I have sold home in all four major counties of SoCal (OC, LA, SD, and IE)

  • I been also been a Mortgage officer for 10 years

  • I work with all the best companies learning all there tricks of the trade (see side bar to right of this screen.)

Question #3: What kind of marketing will they provide on the sale of your home?

Shan Roberts Answer:

  • Have a look at the list of Marketing Tools. (Look at chart to right this text =>)

  • I offer more marketing then most agents charging even 5,6, or even 7% commissions

Question #4: How knowledge on Mortgage Lending?

Shan Roberts Answer:

  • I am a fully licensed NMLS Mortgage Lender (Nmls #1082667)

  • With over 10 years experience in lending

  • Being a Mortgage lender helps me identify who are the true buyers that can really successfully complete a sale on your home.

  • I can also advise you on getting your next loan when you go to buy a home.

Question #5: What is there full service total commission rate?

Shan Roberts Answer:

  • My full service total commission rate is only 4%

  • Plus, I still offer outside agents a huge commission

  • I could save you  your tens of thousands of dollars in real estate commissions

  • Also with the savings you can,  lower the homes sales prices for a quicker sale, allow for more wiggle room in negotiations and repairs, or simply pocket the money towards the purchase of the next home.

Question #6: How well versed are they at online marketing and media are they?

As you may already know 95% of home buyers start the search on the internet. So being online media savvy is one of the #1 traits to look for in an listing agent.

Shan Roberts Answer:

  • I not only have more personal real website than any other local agent in the area. I also am a media guru.

  • I owed and operated Inadrek LLC multi-media company for 5 years. Developing marketing for such companies as the American Arbitration Association & Winged Media.

  • I also have a long list of credits in Producing videos, Producing music, Graphic artist, Video editor, Web design and audio engineer.

  • Every single element you see from the websites, signs, videos even down to the music written for the videos was created by me.

  • I challenge to find a well rounded broker in the area!

Question #7: How available are the agents to you the sellers?

Shan Roberts Answer:

  • I make myself available to my clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • I am not married, and have no children. I eat, sleep and breath this business.

Question #8: How long are their listing contracts?

Shan Roberts Answer:

  • I make only 4 month contracts

  • Most agents try to get you to sign a 6 month contract. (thats half a year). They do this because they do not take an active role in selling the property. They just put it up on the MLS, and hope another agents brings a buyer!

  • Not only do I want to sell your home fast, but for the highest amount possible. Because for one, thats what you hired me for, but also if I do a good job on selling your home, your neighbors will look to me when they go to sell there property.

So if you like how I answered these questions, and believe I am the right agent for you then give me a call today at 909-493-5478



Below is a list of companies Broker Shan Roberts has worked for. Not only did he learn all these companies tricks of the trade, he has also developed many relationships with agents from all of these companies.



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